It’s been almost 10 years since I started CDL School.

Time has sure flown by!

I began writing about my experiences with poor and unsafe training to help others like me in 2008.

By 2010, the number of women and men who contacted me seeking help had numbered the thousands.

It became so overwhelming that I knew I needed to disappear from the internet altogether or move forward with some form of an official organization.

I even moved to Mexico for a while but the email messages and phone calls kept coming!

In 2013, the REAL Women in Trucking, Inc. became a 501 (c)(6) membership organization for drivers. It’s a small nonprofit that has operated on less than $6,000.00 a year until 2016, when we doubled that number.

We are so very proud that we have been able to use those funds to carry the voice of the drivers who have contacted us for support.

I didn’t enter truck driving school to be a public person. The exposure has limited my working capacity and it also has taken me away from focusing on my personal life.

Despite everything thrown at me though I finished college, began a masters degree program and this month became an owner operator. I am a truck driver by choice! 

It’s been difficult for me though to separate my concern for people when I am not sure of their true intentions. I’ve been burned many times by women who have come to RWIT for help over the years. At least 6 I can think of had developed an obsession with me simply because of my you tube channel.

Some became fixated to the point that their goal was to try to get close to me for the wrong reasons. Some just wanted someone like me to defend their misdeeds.

Over the past few years I’ve learned the hard way about a few women truck drivers that only wanted access to me as an avenue to keep their “hustle” going.

They are NOT what REAL Women in Trucking represents.

Some of these women have exposed themselves as the professional street cons that they are and this post is meant to warn others.

I built a reputation in social media sticking up for vulnerable and abused women, but as it turns out, some of the women I once stuck up for are actually the abusers themselves.

When I become aware of it, I take the necessary steps to distance myself from these people. Some lash out at me publically as a result.

These women have watched me on you tube , read this blog , my twitter, my Facebook and sought me out to help them appear innocent and credible.

Sometimes these women had mental health issues, sometimes they were career criminals. Sometimes both. Anyone who has a public personality, regardless of how small knows you quickly become a target.

Being outspoken is not for the thin-skinned.

One particular woman appeared over four years ago. She called RWIT for a shoulder of support after a bad training experience. Over the years we spoke from time to time. I found her to be pleasant, sweet, intelligent and thoughtful but recently I learned she has made a career of entrapping men and later claiming she was molested or victimized.

I want to apologize to you. I was scammed by her too.

Over the years , I’ve listened with concern to her horrific stories of being victimized by her employers, co-drivers and employees.

Myself and many others on Facebook saw her as a light hearted Christian woman who just had a lot of bad luck. Many of us have tried to befriend her, to show her that there are good people in this world.

I wanted her to know nice people and I introduced her to some for a business venture. People who trust me.

Almost immediately she committed fraud.

On the surface, she is overboard with the caring, religious woman routine. Her easy going demeanor is just an act to get closer to you. It’s part of the con.

This is a warning!

This woman is dangerous, especially to male truck drivers.

Many of us have had a troubled past. I’ve been in trouble with the law myself when I was younger but I cleaned up my act.

I’ve met many truck drivers that have done the same. The problem is that this individual is desperate and is looking for a new “mark”.

It is emerging that she has been committing insurance fraud and may have colluded to have her tractor and trailer stolen to collect the insurance money this past spring but she didn’t stop there.

She recently insured a trailer to a LLC company where she was a partner with me. The trailer was not owned by the company, and it’s existence in VIN record checks show nothing. She either no longer owns it, it is a cloned VIN or it may not exist at all. In any case, this trailer was used as collateral to get a personal loan that she cannot repay. She had no authorization to do such a thing. She also very quickly spent the money from the loan without producing receipts to the business. She shortly afterwards emptied the bank accounts without authorization and made no payments on the equipment recently purchased.

She has hacked email accounts, attempted to cancel/transfer IRP plates to herself she is not entitled to use and numerous other acts intended to commit fraud.

She has “acquired” thousands of dollars from various male drivers who thought they were helping an innocent person who needed a hand up.

Some of them have stated she was very “touchy feely” with them. Offering sex to them and encouraging them to buy drugs.

I don’t know just how many men actually took her up on her offer only to be accused of raping or molesting her later. I only know she has made MANY accusations over the years.

Her criminal history includes but is not limited to:

This woman is a professional and should not have access to any of your paperwork, passwords, bank records, equipment titles, or VIN numbers.

Guys, DO NOT put yourself in a position where she can seduce you to have sex with her or claim that you were innappropriate with her. She will likely claim later it was not consensual.

She seeks men through social media sites and forums, especially Facebook. She targets people that appear to have a “following” and probably to “Phish” through your friends looking for her next victim. She targets men that have expensive truck equipment, tangible possessions. “Big, Little Guys”.

She is currently on the move and running out of money. Don’t be her next target! One guy just called me and is willing to testify in court against her. This is NO JOKE! 

She last posted about going to Houston in a rental car to do volunteer work. This is part of her scam. She frequently likes to paint herself as the sweet savior of the needy. She is exactly the opposite.

Last year she documented “saving “a homeless man named “Bobby” who later stole her truck and trailer. It appears that perhaps “Bobby” and this woman pulled a scam on the insurance company and everyone on Facebook who shared her BOLO (Be on the Look Out) alert was oblivious that she staged the theft with “Bobby”.

There will be charges filed on her soon to put her back in jail, but for now, be warned.

She is Caucasian and has dirty blond hair and green eyes but she rarely posts pictures of herself. She has many aliases and does not use her last name on Facebook. She has resided in Michigan, Tennessee and Florida, possibly Alabama.

Again, most people think she’s a sweet Christian girl who just has a lot of bad luck but that is just an act. This woman is a criminal who is targeting lonely truck drivers with big hearts.

That’s all I can say right now about this.

Her trail of first hand victims are coming forward to connect the dots and are offering to provide depositions to put this woman behind bars where she belongs. We don’t want anyone else to get hurt.

Thanks for reading this,