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****** December 13 2009 ******* This Video was removed from You Tube along with the other one mentioned here called “Thank You Trucker Desiree” by Christy, whose Twitter tag is @NJKatwoman  

She was contacted by Ellen Voie after the “Thank You Trucker Desiree” You Tube appeared and has receieved a “Women in Trucking” membership.

Christy sent me this file to repost because it has been a very useful tool which has brought others forwatd to speak up on various matters that have long been overlooked with regards to safety.

Mike Rone of @RMRConsultants is actually the person who has been working with Christy to correct some items on her DAC that should not be there. Mike & Linda Rone on Twitter are part of a growing group of concientious people in the Trucking Industry who actually care about other people. They reached out to Christy to begin the process to get her DAC fixed. Although their primary focus is D.O.T. Compliance for Companies they have been very kind to help out. You can learn more about them HERE

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